Technical communication inhibits human communication

I wrote Do Agile just before the appearance of the pandemic. It was written to help people be more proactive. To be on the front foot, to be future-ready.

I can…

All our own beliefs are obviously the right ones. They’re ours, so they must be.

But the importance of questioning this has been brought into focus by the current discombobulation of Covid.

My book, just published, Do Agile is about future proofing our minds by making our thinking more agile…

Unilever seem to understand it too

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

This important gap is often assumed to be Victor Frankl’s, the psychiatrist, who survived in a Nazi concentration camp where his pregnant wife…

My grandson is just three and absorbing new words like a sponge. My son-in law was explaining two new words to him — “husband” and “wife”.

“Daddy, you can’t be mummy’s husband.” On quizzing him, the truth slowly emerged. On asking him why he couldn’t be my daughter’s husband he…

The insightful concept of the human capacity for pre-imagining grief comes from the rightly famous poem by the American poet, Wendell Berry.

The poem — and the book that contains it — is called The Peace of Wild Things. It is just eleven lines long. It tells of him lying…

Tim Drake

Co-founder of businesses & think tanks. A keynote speaker on motivation & unlocking potential. New book, Do Agile, launched this Summer.

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